Remembering how the kids loved the swords…

I went to a War relic museum last year with a group of  third graders. Oh, how the boys loved the swords, and the guns. And even the girls liked the swords and those boys were happy among the guns, and did I mention, the swords?!Well, today I opened up our little International Children’s Bible and I am blown away, (no pun intended!) by the beauty of this sword. The ‘beauty of simplicity’, the wonders of God’s word!

How our Father speaks to His children,  and yes, us older ones as well who need at times a simplified word:

“Comfort, Comfort my people, speak kindly to the people of Jerusalem. Tell them that their time of warfare is ended…This is a voice of a man who calls out:
“Prepare in the desert the way of the Lord. Make the road in the dry lands straight for our God…” Isaiah 40 1-3.

Wait a minute! Comfort, comfort… but prepare in the desert? Isn’t the desert barren? Isn’t the desert far and remote and dry? However the Father speaks to His children and says, “Make the road in the dry lands straight for our God.” Even from the children’s version this thought may be worded ‘simply’ but it most certainly  is not ‘simple!’
He doesn’t always do this in the oasis? He has met me in the desert, and He speaks,

Has God allowed a desert time? C.H. Spurgean has written in Beside Still Waters, “We are little of what we should be until the Lord puts us on the anvil and uses the hammer.”
So, perhaps God has allowed brokenness and a desert place.

“The Lord says, “You are my servants, I have chosen you, and I have not turned against you. So don’t worry, because I am with you.”Isaiah 41:10.

“I am the Good Shepherd. The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep.” John 10:11.

“I will feed my flock and lead them to rest, says the Lord God. I will search for the lost. I will bring back those that were scattered. I will put bandages on those that were hurt. I will make the weak strong…
So I will save my flock. they will not hurt anymore…

“I will break the bars of their captivity.
And I will save them from the power of those who made them slaves. They will not be led captive…again.”
Ezekiel 34:15,16,22,27.

Isaiah 40:1,
“Comfort, Comfort My people.”

We need this sword for this day that we live, do we even mention the day to day news?…How we need comfort, but also, how we need help…

This might be a Children’s Bible, but this sword is still very sharp.
“God’s word is alive and working. It is sharper than a sword sharpened on both sides. It cuts all the way into us, where the soul and the spirit are joined. It cuts to the center of our joints and our bones. And God’s word judges the thoughts and feelings in our hearts. Nothing in the world can be hidden from God.
Everything is clear and lies open before Him. And to Him we must explain the way we have lived. Hebrews 4:12-13.

O.K., this definitely brings some of ‘the fear of the Lord’ into view.

But thankfully, “We have a great high priest who has gone into heaven. He is Jesus the Son of God… For our high priest  able to understand our weaknesses.”Is.

Remembering some of these favorite verses changes me, from being whiny to winning! Victorious, yes, God’s word is the most beautiful sword. We really need to put His sword, I mean, His word, in the museums of our hearts and minds regularly every day, not just a once in a while visit!  Even better than that,to be like the children, ‘oohing and aawing’ the beauty of the swords, may we make the word our delight as we use it to help us moment by moment through our days!



Author: tonirypkema

Wife to 1, mother of 11, daughter of 1. "The most amazing woman in the world." -Jared (son)

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