“Let not your heart be troubled…”

“Let not your heart be troubled…” Jesus tells us in John 14:1.

Oh, but Lord, You can see our troubled hearts.

“Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.”( John 14:1.)

Jesus, I am so amazed by You. You have told us that “He who has seen Me has seen the Father;” John 14:9.

Well, we’ve seen You Jesus. We’ve seen you show compassion for the troubled, sick and the hurting – even when you were hurting, even when you were suffering- I think of the time when John the Baptist was beheaded and “Then the disciples came and took away the body and buried it, and went and told you.” (Matthew 14:12).

Yes, even after you were grieving the death of your cousin John the Baptist, you then had compassion on the multitudes. It’s written for us to see,

“When Jesus heard it, He departed from there by boat to a deserted place by Himself. But then the multitudes heard it, they followed Him on foot from the cities.” (Matthew14:13.)

The picture is drawn so clearly,

this is a picture of our Lord, the One in whom we can say, “There is none like You.” He went to be alone to grieve loss, yet the multitudes heard He was there and followed Him on foot from the surrounding cities,but what do we see Him do:

“And when Jesus went out He saw a great multitude;

and He was moved with compassion for them,

and healed their sick.” (Matthew 14:14).

‘Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.’ (John 14:1).

“Jesus, to believe in You, I must let go of all my own ways of thinking, and want to ‘see You’ for all You are.

You, laid down Your life for me. You took my sin upon Yourself so that I might be clean and righteous. You ‘saw me’, You see me,  my troubled, sick and hurting self, and You are moved with compassion, and

You are willing to heal and touch me. Oh Lord, I receive Your love. You told me ‘let not your heart be troubled’,

“Will you believe Me, even in THIS?” I hear You ask me,

“OK Lord, I will obey, I will believe You, even in THIS.”

“I am Thine O Lord. I have heard Thy  voice, and it told Thy love to me. So I long to rise in the arms of faith and be closer drawn to Thee. Draw me nearer, Nearer blessed Lord, to the cross where Thou hast died. Draw me nearer, nearer blessed Lord to Thy precious bleeding side.”


Author: tonirypkema

Wife to 1, mother of 11, daughter of 1. "The most amazing woman in the world." -Jared (son)

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