“Hope and be undismayed?”

I feel led to ‘reblog’ this post, because I need to have ‘hope and be undismayed…’

See God's Hand

Have you ever heard these words? These are actually words in a hymn translated from German to English by John Wesley called, Give to the Winds Thy Fears.
“Hope and be undismayed…”

I had to look up ‘undismayed’ to see if it was in the Dictionary.
As you expected, no. However the definition for the word dismay is,
‘A sudden or complete loss of courage in the face of trouble or danger.

“Undismayed”, we can assume means, to have courage in the face of trouble.

It reminds us that every day we have choices to make.
Just imagine if we lived back in the day, way back,(1730’s) when going to church was a norm, weather you ‘knew’ the Lord’s love and forgiveness for you or not.
So let’s just say that you walked into church on a Sunday morning, back in the day, filled with hopelessness and dismay,
and you…

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