A whole different kind of ‘school’…

We must be educated in what makes good health, what keeps our bodies fit, in language and math and social science. We must be educated to grow and know the sciences of this world and the arts of music and fabric and color, but God, He’s ultimately in charge of the country in which we’re born, and the people we will end up meeting. He’s a Professor of sorts and He uses every circumstance and situation…

He uses it all, because there’s a learning that must also take place in His children here on earth, it’s a learning that ultimately matters most -whether prince or pauper- it’s the learning of faith.

God has us enroll in the ‘school of life’ if we have breath. He’s the Lily of the Valley, and He knows, even after we receive Him, we have Him with us but we’re ‘lily’s among the thorns’.(Song of Solomon). He’s been here before, and He’s never real far, but the Father knows what’s best, the Father sent Him, you know…

So He schools us in ‘faith’, and patiently watches us as we go, just like the children… He leads us through wilderness and we enter classes in humility and even hunger inside, and He feeds us with ‘what’s that’ most of the time. Sometimes we just don’t understand the ‘manna’ that’s before us,  but this is the school that God has us walking. He has us walk, but at times we run away, but we end up coming back and oh, so slowly, learn to ‘trust and obey’. And then we learn His name, well, we knew it before, but now we KNOW Him , we proclaim  Him as Lord.

We cry out to Him in our deserts,”God, increase my faith!” And He does just that…He tests us in the ‘school of life’ in our lessons of humility, hunger, and monotony -but He never forgets to include in His trials an added measure of grace. Yes, He does a teaching of faith that’s painstakingly l-o-n-g, but it somehow is learned, and even mastered -(for me by keeping close to my tongue an old or a new ‘God’s Song).

Why does it take so long for us sheep to really ‘get it!’. Do we ever get a diploma? do we ever complete it? I think that we do…on that wonderful graduation day, when we finally arrive to our heavenly place, when we hear the great Master as He gives us a kiss, “Well done my servant, your ‘faith lesson’ is completed! Well done my daughters, well done my sons, enter  now into the joys of My Home!

This is the ‘school’ that matters most of all, in the whole scope of things in light of eternity. Can you hear the bell? Don’t rush, don’t fret, it’s not about you doing very much at all, you see, He’s done it all -the work on the cross- can you trust Him and believe? Yeah, it’s not that easy at all, but He’s the best Teacher around, He’ll give you time, He’s compassionate and gracious and slow to get hot- so keep reading those verses in the Bible and see your faith grow, and grow and grow even more. If it’s not always fun, don’t worry at all, just remember you’re still a lily, but while your here, they’ll be thorns. But keep your hands together in prayer and clapping in praise, and you’ll agree with me someday, God’s school of faith, it’s the best school of all!


Author: tonirypkema

Wife to 1, mother of 11, daughter of 1. "The most amazing woman in the world." -Jared (son)

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