Putting it together in one little book…

Putting it together in one little book, isn’t that our desire so many times, when our lives have been made so rich by another. How we want to gather it all together and sit on the couch and open it up and live it all out, over and over and over again. That’s what God means when He says to talk, to talk of all His wondrous works that He does among us. That’s what He means, I am sure in my heart, so I am putting it together, all the words I have penned with time with my friend, for ‘Now and Again’.

I feel so priviledged to have been a part of this dear precious life, so I share, I pray simply, simply from my heart. It is my prayer, that these words are inspired by God, to draw you ever so closer, so closer to Him, because of His great love, that my friend and I discovered to be even greater than we imagined!
No, I didn’t plan to write it in prose, but it seems that with all the sharp edges in life, that this was God’s choice, because He is the whole reason her life had such flow. There was nothing sharp about Jenny, she was gentle, she was kind, but she had every excuse in the book to be impulsive and rude, yes, she could have chosen that road, but the ‘hard road’ she took, to trust God completely, to trust God…
completely and wait patiently for Him. Oh God, You’ve shown me true beauty, rich beauty within. You see, because I didn’t have it, so much of the time, God let me see it in this dear friend of mine. You probably think I was sent to help her, Oh, no, Not at all, I was sent to witness, God’s most gracious, loving hand.

What God did for my friend Jenny and me is so amazingly beautiful that I can’t hold it in and keep it just for myself. God wants the pictures drawn, all over again, so you can be right there with us in hospital room 609. Oh, He lifted us to His King’s chambers, yes He did, when all the circumstances were worse than dim, and other’s might perceive that God is unkind, He poured out His Spirit, He poured out His light, He opened my eyes to witness it all, and I am reporting that even though all around Jenny, it seemed only ‘night’ God’s Spirit filled her, God’s grace enveloped her in a miraculous way, I saw it with my own eyes, Jenny had a song and she was living in the ‘Day!’

The ‘DaySpring on High furnished grace invisible, yet visible to my eyes. I witnessed love, I witnessed peace, when naturally it would not be. God’s grace was sufficient for Jenny those days, I know He is telling me, it’s sufficient for today! We’ve heard His grace is sufficient, we’ve heard it but I’ve seen it- Jenny ‘believed God’ with every ounce of her being. He truly transformed her from the inside out- oh yes, Jenny was hurt and very lonely and tired, but she trusted and waited and hoped on the LORD! With faith in God, and He met her, He did. A very present help in her great time of need.

So God brought us together as sisters in times of affliction, and He had allowed us both to be broken and have bended knees. He met us together, as we worshiped and laid it all down. Like a Prince from His castle, He called us to Come and we both went together in love with His Son. We both rejoiced, we heard His voice clearly, “My fair one, I love you, come away with Me now!”

“Oh wow! was Jenny’s response, and mine along with her.She was waiting in yearning for God’s amazing work, and then He called her. Yes, He called her, He did, by her very own name, He said, “Rise up my fair one…” ‘Fair one’ is Jenny. Yes, her very own name! I am so happy for her, yes, I am. but I miss her so badly this dear friend of mine.
“God, thank you for Jenny, please help me to pen the words to the story of the great works You did, in and through my precious friend, may You receive glory, all glory to You, because that is what Jenny would want. She waited on You. Her faith did not waiver, You saved every tear. You answered her prayers – oh Yes You did! Oh Lord Jesus, may this story be read, and You strengthen others as they wait on You too.

For ‘Now and Again’ may these letters be read, to strengthen and bring courage to others, for now and always.


Author: tonirypkema

Wife to 1, mother of 11, daughter of 1. "The most amazing woman in the world." -Jared (son)

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