What’s a mama to do?

Even though I am a mom, and of a few kids (too many, some would say (!)),I have no advise, except perhaps: “Keep Showing Up!”

I heard some wise words from a middle school principal with a note to parents: “Hands might be pushing you away, most likely  they are – just make sure that you remain at the other end of those ‘pushing’ hands.” To me, these words are reminding me, “Keep showing up!” 

Any parent of a middle-schooler knows that this is ‘homework’ di-fi-cil ! (Yes, I’m speaking in french, I think!)) But we parents must ‘stay in the game’ with whatever little strength we’ve got. Emotionally, physically, and mentally, we’ve got to ‘stay in the game’, we’ve got to ‘keep showing up’, we need  to remain at the other end of  those ‘pushing hands!’

My own kids know that there have been times where, quite frankly, I walked off the field. Where I took my hurts and just wrapped my arms around myself- yes, they know there were times when I had felt ‘pushed away’ and my hand had retreated, I wasn’t there. They know their mamas not perfect.

What’s a mama to do?

Well, there is a picture that comes to mind, quite frequently for me, a word picture, that brings me back into the game, that helps to ‘lift my weary hands.’ They aren’t word pictures like, ‘Just Do It’, or ‘Have It Your Way’, or even ‘You deserve a Better Life Today,’ NO. The word picture that has kept this mama ‘in the game’ is:

“He laid down His life for me…”

Somehow, I am able to take my hands from around my own chest, and lift them, at least  to pray.

When the baby had trouble getting to sleep, and he’s talking to me again, not in words mind you- but a blood curdling cry, only 2 1/2 hours later, (usually 2:00a.m.) What’s a mama to do?

I remember, “He laid down His life for me.”

What about when the little ones are sick, and no one wants to come near, and loneliness comes in like a fast moving dark cloud? What’s a mama to do?

I remember, “He laid down His life for me.”

What about those moments when you HAVE TO GET THINGS DONE, and the little one wants you to play? (Oh, and you know deep down that just  5-7 minutes of play is all it would take,) what’s a mama to do?

“He laid down His life for me.”

Oh, those times when the little one refuses to nap unless you lie and rest too? What on earth is a mama to do?

“He laid down His life for me…and you.”

When it’s time to do some reading instead of ‘play-time’ and great opposition occurs – only because you want the best for your child so his main job in life is not ‘picking up garbage from the curb!’ What’s a mama to do?

“He laid down His life for me and for you.”

The day that the kids are embarrassed that they have a mom at all, and remark on occasion, “Mom, are you wearing that?” or “Do we have to drive in this car?” What’s a mom to do?

“He laid down His life for me and for you.”

You’re doing your best to stay on budget and there’s plenty of food to prepare, yet the kids open the fridge and say, “There’s never anything to eat around here!” Oh, what’s a mama to do?

“He laid down His life…”

This can go on with endless examples of moments upon moments of anger and great sorrows, and temptations and pains, oh yes, and even to the point of being rejected. Oh what’s a mama to do?

To come to His table, to His ‘banqueting table’ where His banner over me is love, to come to His table that He has prepared in the presence of our enemies, to come to Him and remember that Jesus Christ laid down His life for me and for you. That’s what He’s done as an example to us mamas. He’s given us all we need. At the Table we can see His nail-pierced hands, how they still remain – just as His love…remains…

Jesus stays in the game for each one of His children. He never gives up. A ‘smoking flax He won’t quench’, No, He is always there.

It’s not a ‘one-time’ decision. It’s a moment by moment one, but the decision must be made to ‘stay in the game’, ‘keep showing up’ and those hands? Well, I think they were made for huggin’. So in the thick and the thin of it all, what do you say, mamas: shall we show up for the call? Let’s remember our Jesus, who laid it all down, and gave us His all. He speaks with such love, even though His word, at times,we neglect and He embraces us daily with His Spirit, though we’re guilty of quenching- yet, oh how those nail-pierced hands remain.

And thinkin’ on all, what’s  best for the children, though for some it is harder than for others – I do know, is to ‘love their daddy’! Now this might become a writing all in itself, but the bottom line is drawn, at least for me and perhaps now for you –

What’s a mama to do? She’s to always remember and think on this one thing: “He laid down His life…for you, and for me.”

PS. If for some reason, you aren’t sure that you can call Jesus, your own. Simply come to Him in prayer. He listens to hearts that are seeking Him. If you ask for forgiveness, He gives. If you ask Him to make you new, He does. If you desperately need His love, He loves. His name is Jesus. Do you remember the songs? “…sad hearts weep no more. He has healed the broken hearted, open wide the prison doors, He is able to deliver evermore.” Talk to Him and make Him your Savior. He’s always called you, “mine.” Now the good news, you can call Him, “Mine own as well!”

(Please let me know if you have just made Him your own! I like to think on the wonderful celebrations that take place in heaven where all the angels celebrate a new life in Christ! God will help you, moment by moment! He laid His life down for you, remember?!


Author: tonirypkema

Wife to 1, mother of 11, daughter of 1. "The most amazing woman in the world." -Jared (son)

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