Is ‘tolerance’ just a one-way street?

When a young child ignorantly walks off the path into the street, a parent or guardian says, even sternly at times, “Get off the ROAD! Get those feet off the street!”

A judgement is made, oh yes, by the wise- what is ‘safe’ and what is not! Walk out into the street, you can get hurt and even die!

The warning labels are on the side of some products, so we teach the children (and even ourselves),’stay away! stay away! This stuff  could cause great sickness –  even to say, “Be smart and remember, be very careful when you use it, the chemicals inside, can even bring  death!”

These ‘judgements’ are not ‘matter of opinion! “Don’t be ridiculous!” So, what are you saying?”

Well,  the children they grow and by number of years, deemed ‘adult’. Yet some say, “Don’t give me instruction! Who do you think you are? Let me be my own judge on what I think is right!”

“You keep your own  opinions! You must remain silent. Don’t say a word – for me, I, myself – I did my assignments!  They taught me in school there was a Big-Bang, millions upon millions and billions of years ago. My life happened by chance. I can ‘have it my own way. So move your ‘opinion’ – it’s a brand new day- haven’t you heard? There’s no Providence! Please, don’t even speak! Don’t ‘share’ your opinion! Stand back and ‘shut-up’! Your ways are old-fashioned!”

“Does that mean that tolerance is just a one way street?…

Today man’s great knowledge and ‘tech-know’ ability has lifted him up, up, up so high and lofty. It’s as if again to say, “Nothing, no nothing will sink this great ship!” So my fingers hit the keypad of this computer today, just for myself, because my heart is even close to not beating with sadness. Because God got hold of my cold, dark and hard heart- when I was stubborn and ‘knew it all’ but I was really all torn up inside. He took me and lifted me from a deep,dark,cold pit and He breathed in me His Way, His Truth and His Life.

You see, ‘faith comes by hearing, and  hearing by the word of God,’ (Romans 10:17). But if we are silenced because we are thought to be ‘intolerant’ today, how can the poor children that just ‘don’t know’ and are following the crowd, how can they ever come to know the true meaning of Love? How can they know that in ‘taking a stand’ we actually are saying “God loves you. Don’t add to His words, or disregard them either! Don’t push them away! What will happen if the ship ends up sinking?”

“Don’t we all know that ‘not letting’ a child have his own way when he only wanted candy and milk shakes and soda- was actually love and caring and good parenting! So, we want to point others to the ‘Father, who art in heaven, and Holy is His name. HOLY is His name.”

“Is tolerance just a one-way street? Can we let God speak? You’ve spoken your part! Take the hands from your ears, and just keep breathing…tolerate for a brief moment and hear from God’s word, just a few verses from Proverbs, from Wisdom Himself:

“Wisdom calls aloud outside; She raises her voice in the open squares. She cries out in the chief concourses, at the openings of the gates in the city She speaks her words: “How long, you simple ones, will you love simplicity? For scorners delight in their scoring, and fools hate knowledge. Turn at my reproof; Surely I will pour out my Spirit on you; I will make my words known to you. “

“Because I have called and you refused, I have stretched out my hand and no one regarded, Because you disdained all my counsel, and would have none of my reproof, I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your terror comes, When your terror comes like a storm, and your destruction comes like a whirlwind, when distress and anguish come upon you.”(Proverbs 1:20-27.

To those who ‘don’t believe’, what if these words are true? ‘Believers in God’ don’t believe in their own way, they simply believe God means what He says! What if God’s word is true? There is a serious warning within. Can you just keep breathing, to hear out this proverb? Keep your hands off your ears, God’s love suffers long.  Can you ‘tolerate’ this for just one moment?”

“Then they will call on me, but I will not answer; They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me. Because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the LORD, They would have none of my counsel and despised all my reproof, Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way, And be filled to the full with their own fancies.”
“For the turning away of the simple will slay them, And the complacency of fools will destroy them; But whoever listens to me will dwell safely, And will be secure, without fear of evil.” (Proverbs 1:28-33).

Proverbs 1:20-33, Wisdom calls aloud to all who will hear.

I am so thankful that God called my name, even when my life was so full of shame. He called, and I heard and I turned my head to look. And He loved me, forgave me, and filled me inside – with all of His fullness, all of His grace. He said, to me,

“Child, never cease to seek My face. I will keep you in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Me. Teach your children, and others who will hear  My stories and never cease to sing My songs too. Then they’ll sing them to others, and each little light will shine with simple brilliance through and through – so when the times are changing so fast and so dark, my children will find that I inhabit their praises and light up their dark.”

“There is no fear in God, I am with you forever. The words that I speak are true and faithful. Your sins were as scarlet I make them white as wool. Now go, and speak wisdom to all who will hear. And for those who refuse, yes, my heart is broken still. It is not my will that any should perish, but that all should come to life in My name. Go my dear child, rejoice in Me always, Go in My grace and in My compassion. Then there will be a day, when I will call you home. Yes, to be with Me, face to face, in your mansion in heaven, forever, forever, for all eternity – my dear child you will always be with Me!”


Author: tonirypkema

Wife to 1, mother of 11, daughter of 1. "The most amazing woman in the world." -Jared (son)

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