“a broken vessel and frayed tapestry prayer, again and again…

“God, You are my witness-you see the broken vessel, You see the frayed tapestry…

Empty the impatience,  empty the anxiety – when in my heart I cry “Give me a break!” That I might remember, time and time again that You already have. Having owed a payment of death for my sin, You, Jesus said, “I do.” And You have committed to love me, whether or not I even notice.

God, You are my witness- there is nothing hidden from You. Deeply woven in me is a sense of ‘justice!’ Inside of my being are threads that ‘life should be fair!’ I feel as if my wait is ‘forever’ for things to be ‘right’. But You remain silent, like a great Mystery that yearns to be unfolded; and in my discontent I am stopped, to take notice that You, the Master Artist, are waiting with a bleeding heart,even blood coming out of Your pores; You are waiting for me…

to see that You – love, and You – accept, and You – forgive. I only see ‘dimly’ for now,  but will You empty me, so I can be filled with more of the love and acceptance and forgiveness that You possess.

God, You are my witness – You see the competition, You see the comparisons, You see the insecurities, and all of the pride. Yes, even the rudeness and evil thoughts are clear in Your view. This is all ‘knit’ deep within my being. Rip it all out Lord! Rip these threads from me and weave in it’s place that Scarlet thread of death to myself so that I might be filled, filled with the fullness of You.

Oh, these broken vessels and frayed tapestries!

Fill me with Your Spirit of comfort and help. Abide in me and caress my heart with Your love continually that it remain warm and soft. Work in me a change in my cold-hard heart, like the change in the waterpots filled with only water and transformed to wine ; from  common to  an uncommon ‘joyful’ heart and ‘joyful’ soul! Not that I might have more for me, but that I may offer all that You have given me, to others. There is a lot of ‘common’, I need the uncommon ‘joy’. You are the Potter, I am the clay.

God, You are my witness – You bear with me, that I might bear with others in “all things”. (1 Cor. 13) You know that I don’t. Weave in me the Scarlet Thread, that turns death into life.

You believe the best of me and all those around me. You know that sometimes I don’t. Weave the Golden Thread of “believes all things” (1 Cor. 13),  in this workmanship of Yours. That my thoughts would be ‘good’ and of ‘a good report’. (Phil 4).

Yes, God, You are my witness – You see the hopelessness and the ‘heart failure’ in me at times.  Empty this dross, that the Silver lining of hope would envelope my being and be weaved in my soul – “hoping all things.” (1 Cor 13).

That I might be emptied, but newly filled, torn and ripped out, but re-woven …”to endure all things.”(1 Cor 13). With You –  broken vessels and frayed tapestries are nothing- because Your love, God – it never fails.

I love You Jesus, keep working on me. In Jesus name, Let it be so, Amen.”


Author: tonirypkema

Wife to 1, mother of 11, daughter of 1. "The most amazing woman in the world." -Jared (son)

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