this should be called, “It’s not all bad news!

Today, I am speaking plain and hard.
For those who have heard news like: “You have cancer.” or “You need a kidney transplant.” or, “You need a new liver or you die.” or…Oh, my, I will not even type more words…but you, yourself- most likely have your own words of great loss, and pain- and have asked the tough and hard question, “Why!”
And quite honestly there is no comfort that human flesh can bring. Quite honestly, any words that I might say, bring about a ‘sting’. Except, perhaps, the words, “Just do the next thing!”
It’s just not always good news. And we may never know ‘why.’ But, we have the choice- to read what we will, to believe what we will, to do as we choose – you see, ‘in the beginning’ yes, if you are believing, ‘God created…’ all that makes YOU.
And there is no ‘love’ – without truth. There is ‘NO LOVE’ in a lie. Yet, we cling to the things that tickle our ears, yet, they actually ‘steal, kill and destroy’ and we don’t even notice what’s died!
We can turn the page, or click the remote – but God is God, He IS ABOVE -Above all things, whether we believe it or not- and He loves us MOST! He gave us CHOICE – so that we might choose from our heart to turn to our Creator and say, “Thank You! I acknowledge Your LOVE!”
“But how can a God of love cause all this pain?”
“Let us not forget the beginning again!” ” In the beginning, the fruit of the trees ALL, except the one… Thus, the fall…
He didn’t create us to be robots! He didn’t wire us to ‘HAVE TO’ love Him. NO! He gave us the choice to acknowledge His care, to see His provision, in everything that’s there! “The Lord is my Shepherd…” He’s a personal God, if we don’t call Him ‘MINE’ He waits…
…and He sometimes ‘MAKES us to lie DOWN…’ when it wasn’t part of our plan –
But He opens our eyes and we see…’He makes us lie down on pastures of green’ and ‘His grace taught our hearts to fear’ and what was blind now is seeing that HIS HAND… has a hold of me, even here.
So what might not be ‘good news’ in the beginning actually becomes ‘Good News’ in the end – because God our Father in heaven, has provided His Son and His grace, and all the bad and even the ugly, He somehow has dimmed, because He lifted my head and He touched my brokenness brought on by sin. Not with ‘itchy’ coverings sewn by myself, but by covering me with the blood of the Lamb and giving me peace and forgiveness of great wealth!
He made it all work together, ‘all’ work together, for good. The waves still go crashing, but He…
He’s got His Hand guiding my course, and He says, “You are Mine! and I praise Him and thank Him and melt in His Hand and say, “Dear Jesus, I love you! I am completely Yours!”


Author: tonirypkema

Wife to 1, mother of 11, daughter of 1. "The most amazing woman in the world." -Jared (son)

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