He turns water to wine

“Read the Bible.” We hear people say.

But even when opened, do the words feel dry on the page? It’s OK. God must know, because the only thing He gets at times from me at best, is a moan. 

But, in the end, I can still say,”Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord, for putting up with me. Oh God, I’m confused and feel alone. Will You help me?”

So, the Word seemed dry, not moving me at all, but my eye caught focus at the bottom of the page of a short Spurgeon poem:

“Lo, Moses scatters plagues of wrath, A ministry of fire and death, But our Immanuel cometh forth, with life and love in every breath.

 He turned their water into blood, for vengeance was his dread design: But, thanks to our incarnate God, He turned our water into wine.” (CH Spurgeon’s Devotional Bible). 

All of a sudden I felt a bit of thanks, that Jesus is unlike all the rest. He is above all things, and . . .  He knows my name.

He alone has changed water to wine. Perhaps, He just turned my heart in the same way, to give thanks, instead of simply, whine.

I opened my Spurgeon’s  Devotional Bible, and I have to admit, even just giving God – 5 minutes this morning, I close the Book and am thankful and singing. 

It’s true, Moses came with the law, but Jesus, He came filled with truth and grace.  Just a little time with God’s  word and the stress is relieved off my face.

It might feel like a sacrifice to open the Book, and the words might not be saying much at times, but our spirit is fed, somehow, I can’t explain – but will you commit as well to take a look? 

There is nothing like God’s Holy Word. In all of earth, there is no other Book.

Today, I write to remember for next time, when I don’t feel like spending some time with the Lord. It’s like skipping breakfast and running out the door, and within a short time produce nothing and feel dreadful and poor!

Water to wine, today, even for me. Yes, I will think on that. Jesus loves me!


Author: tonirypkema

Wife to 1, mother of 11, daughter of 1. "The most amazing woman in the world." -Jared (son)

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