So much in His Name

If we hear, “Hey you,” in a crowd. We might not even turn our head. But when one calls, “Toni,” It might not mean much to some, but I stop and look around.

God hears. God turns. He’s not far, as often supposed. Especially when our hearts think on all He is, all His nature, His names. And past understanding is a peace that comes when we speak them aloud, God’s names, and nature. Oh, how our hearts yearn.

Our heart’s yearn for “our Father in heaven.” Does He hear? Does He care? How our minds need focus. In this day of distraction and busy-ness. We forget Who God is.

He is here. He is there.

I opened a treasure of a book of hymns and their stories, and was touched by the hymn, Join All the Glorious Names.

Robert J. Morgan in his Then Sings My Soul, Volume 2, shared in the pages a story of Isaac Watts and his hymn, but not only that,

Robert J. Morgan added more verses to the “all Glorious Names” hymn. I was struck by the comfort reading a portion of the names. God grew in size, above all my trials and life’s stings.

But before I share the glorious words of Watts’ Hymn, and Morgan’s added stanzas, I have to say, as I had the pages open, I saw at the bottom, on the right hand side, an “often omitted” verse from the hymnals today:

Be Thou my Couselor/ My Pattern, and my Guide/ And through this desert land/ Still keep me near Thy side/ Nor let my feet e’er run astray/ Nor rove nor seek the crooked way.”

Is this the prayer that you needed words for today? If so, pray them over and over again. Let us “speak” in a hymn today.

So, join with me now. When we can, we’ll even read aloud. And let our faith grow and rise high as the clouds:

“Join all the glorious names/ Of wisdom, love and pow’r/ That ever mortals knew, That angels ever bore/ All are too mean to speak His worth, Too poor to set my Savior forth.” ( Isaac Watts).

“The Babe of Bethlehem, the Faithful Witness/ He Is the first and last, was dead, now lives to set us free./ He washed our sins. He is the King, the Lord, the Word, to Him we sing.” (Robert J. Morgan).

“Alpha, Omega He, One like the Son of Man, Arrayed in light/ He reigned before the world began. He was, and is, and is to come/ our Glorious Lord, God’s only Son.” (Robert J. Morgan).

So I conclude, with a heart full and calm, “Jesus, Jesus. That all may hear. That all may see. That hearts soften soon and call on Your Name.”

“Amen, and Amen. Lord, You are coming back soon.”


Author: tonirypkema

Wife to 1, mother of 11, daughter of 1. "The most amazing woman in the world." -Jared (son)

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