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Toni Rypkema is the mother of 11 beautiful children and mother-in-law to 2 (almost 3) beautiful more.  She lives in Lexington, SC with her husband, Mike and still too many kids. She is a writer, children’s worship leader, guitar teacher,  swim-team parent, breast cancer survivor, mother of the year award winner for 25 years running, best meal in under 5 minutes award winner, and should probably change this about paragraph because it’s been hacked by one of her children! – we do love her.

*     *     *     *     *

I wouldn’t want to change anything about this ‘about me’ page except for one word, ‘too’. Yes there are many kids, but not ‘too’ many. My children are such gifts to me, each and every one of them! Is there ever ‘too’ many gifts?! Never. I am so thankful to God.

I write because I have to! I have to express all that the Lord shows me-in His word, in a Hymn, in a song – He is so amazing – I just have to write about the One who loves so perfectly, and hopefully as we worship and draw closer to Him, we will be able to see that it’s not about us, it’s all about Him, and He, the Creator and God of the Universe, He has a hold on us – we can trust Him, – we are in His Hand!

The Painting of God’s Hand? Here is what the artist wrote concerning this piece:  “My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago, (2010), and it came as a shock to my whole family. Through these struggles the concept of this piece was discovered. The hand formed by waves is symbolic of the presence of God and how He is there with you through hard times, whether it may be sickness or the loss of a loved one.” -Jonathan Rypkema

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5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Thank you so much Jared for helping me get this Blog started! I am going to keep this ‘about me’ that you wrote. I think the only words I don’t really agree with is they ‘still have too many kids.’ We love each and every one of them and are thankful that God has a plan for each one. Our goal is not to give them everything they want, haha, God made sure we couldn’t do that- but to point them to Jesus, because He is the Way, and He is the Truth, and He is the Life. I really do love kids, even though my own truly feel I am quite annoying most of the time.
    I love the Lord and am passionate about the Word of God. I love to teach fascinating truths from His word and the kids have helped me to be able to do it in 4-6minutes! (Part of that best meal in under 5 minutes award!, even though that is not what Jared, who wrote the ‘about me’ wasn’t thinking of !)
    Leading children in worship is one of my true joys in this life. It is truly, the purest of praise. I love to lead woman as well- how they just want to bow down and lay down their crowns at the feet of Jesus and glorify His Name.
    God bless you.

  2. Last night I was talking about you to my husband Nick . I was wondering how you were and how many children you had now. When I last saw you you were complete, I just found that out through this posting! I was telling him how you would lose your voice when you became PG. I heard all the stories of home schooling, teaching your children to play instruments and then got to see the children in action. Fond memories of family I admire so much! Women’s event were fantastic! Since you were the one with over 500 women I’m sure you don’t remember me , but I reaped the blessing from you. Thanks !

    1. Thank you Pat. God is good. Jared my son wrote the ‘about me’ and he encourages me to write . I got cancer 4 1/2 years ago. The time to write is now. We live in SC. My husband and I. , 4 kids have graduated college, 3 will be in college this next fall and 2 in high school, and 2 in middle school. We all must simply trust God each and every day( not simple though!) thank you so much for the message!

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